Technology Resources

10 Research Tips for Finding Info Online

Common Sense Media

Fact Checking

Google Lit Trips

Google Search Tips

How to Search on Google

NGSS Interactive Read Alouds

NWEA Response to Intervention-easy to use site that helps you target the specific skills and standards students need to focus on to build their confidence in the general education classroom and perform on grade level.

Padlet is a fantastic multifaceted tool (not just for curation of research). You can create and share digital bulletin boards categorized in any way you choose. Pick between your favorite way of storing your research with mind-maps, shelves, or news-feed when organizing your content.

Pew Center Research (Nonpartisan Fact Tank)

Pocket is the perfect place to keep tabs on all your interesting articles in one place,for future reference. Read a blog that you like whilst on your phone, save it to pocket and know that you can find it again (this has saved me a lot of time!) You can easily group articles by tagging and built-in search functionality makes finding those articles easy.

Reading Plus

Sketchnoting Resources

Da Font-Downloadable Fonts

Skype in the Classroom

Social Justice Sites

Global Oneness Project

Super Teacher Tools-create games like Jeopardy

The Noun Project-over 2 million icons

Traveling Tales

Virtual Field Trips

Wakelet is a wonderful curation tool because it allows you to keep all of the media you find in one convenient news-feed. Like Padlet you can also collaborate and share your findings with others.

Wonderopolis-place for students to ask questions